What to Do with a Broken Phone

There is nothing worse than the realization that your phone is kaput. Scrambling to find a new device so that you don’t miss a beat can be time-consuming not to mention an unexpected expense that you may not be prepared for. But before you head into a tailspin, let the experts at Wisp Electronics help you get your next device and get rid of your old phone properly.

1. Make Sure It is Really Broken

Before you trash your old phone, make sure that it is beyond help. Just because it has been shattered or isn’t turning on doesn’t mean that is dead. And just because the representative at your carrier’s store said that it is a done deal doesn’t mean that it is either! They are trained to get you to purchase your next device, they aren’t exactly equipped to repair or diagnose your phone problems. So the first thing you should do with a “broken” phone is to bring it to Wisp Electronics obviously! Broken screens, new batteries, we can do almost anything to revive that old phone!

2. Dead? Dispose Properly

So we tried our hardest but it appears the phone really is dead. There is no reviving it and it is time to bury it. Throwing away phones is dangerous because the materials used to make phones are not biodegradable and can pose environmental issues. Phones and really most electronics contain things like mercury, cadmium and lead. Don’t feed that into the water supply, instead you can do the following:

  • Find a buy-back program: There are lots of programs that offer cash for your old, non-working phones. They mostly use the materials for other products or harvest the pieces to sell. Cash for an old phone? Not a bad trade at all.

  • Donate it: There are shelters and other charitable programs that need electronics donations.

3. Purchase a Cheap Phone

Instead buying that brand new iPhone or Android, buy a cheaper version first. This way you won’t have to deal with annoying contract rules and negotiations. In addition, you’ll be paying less. After that, bring your new phone to Wisp Electronics where we can help you upgrade it with the apps and programs that you like while getting rid of the previous owner’s features that you don’t need. We can repair any of the previous problems that caused the owner to sell it and get your contacts and photos transferred over. Quick, simple and affordable to get you back to your mobile life.

Be sure to call Wisp Electronics for all your phone needs. We don’t want to say that we perform miracles but we might be able to bring your broken phone back to life. Call us at 504-309-5322 or come visit our office at 1901 Manhattan Boulevard in Harvey!