Terms and Conditions

 Our terms and conditions for device repair are posted in-store, stated on various receipts and tickets you will receive and can also be found on our website at www.wispnola.com. Any of our team members would be glad to explain any of these terms further, should you have questions. In order to begin diagnostics/repair, you must agree, by signing the signature pad, to the following terms and conditions: 


Due to the sometimes erratic nature of, or hidden damage to, electronic devices, some may fail upon disassembly or software flashing. This is a rare event, but it may happen. By signing the signature pad, the client will not hold Wisp liable for any damage, apparent or not, previously there or not, for a failure for the device to operate.


After a device has been repaired and contact has been made (by phone call, voicemail or e-mail), the client will have 60 days to pick up device or make contact with Wisp for one (1) agreement on a future date. After those 60 days, we will have considered that you have manifested the intent to abandon your property. Your device will be considered abandoned and property of Wisp. 


Hardware replacements, (both part and labor) when part is provided by Wisp, are generally warrantied for 6 months. Examples of issues covered by warranty: part malfunction, part separation from frame, or a loose part within device. Warranty does not apply to software repair for viruses, jailbreaking, or rooting. Warranty does not apply to damage or mishandling of the device or installed part (e.g. cracked screen, liquid damage, etc.). This warranty does not apply to client-provided parts or repairs where only labor is involved. If the device was repaired on-site and charged an on-site fee, our client will need to bring in the device or will be subject to another on-site fee for the warranty work. Wisp will determine all warranty claim validity.


If you would like to designate someone to pick up your device, please let us know or provide them with the original claim ticket. Only the account holder, a designated person or a person with the original claim ticket will be able to collect the device. This is in an effort to protect your devices. 


We strive to provide speedy service and your part is typically ordered within one hour of your payment. Because of this, all deposits on parts are NON-REFUNDABLE.