Tech Gift Ideas for Everyone in the Family

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This holiday season, give everyone on your “Nice List” something that they actually want. Tech gifts always go over well in any family because they can help keep you connected, make family memories and express creativity in a whole new way.

For Dad

Dads like presents that make things easier. That means getting him a gift that he can actually use without too much of a tutorial. Is your dad still using his modem computer? A gift idea like an iPad would be a great way for him to stay connected, take and share photos, play games, emails and more with his friends and family. Keeping the older generations involved in the world of technology helps us all stay in contact and enjoy the same features. Be sure to give him a quick tutorial but in no time, you’ll be getting Facetimed and emails galore. Try one of the older versions is you have a smaller udget and bring it into Wisp and we can make sure that it is outfitted for his needs perfectly! The 16GB Apple iPad mini retails for about $200 but it is an investment that he will enjoy for ages.

For Mom

If there is one thing Moms love doing, it is taking photos. They take photos of all the important and trivial moments in your life. Seriously, did she have to take 30 pictures of you as a toddler in the tub? Maybe not, but trying to understand maternal nostalgia just can’t be done until you are a parent as well. But all those photos in the closets, garages and on family computers can be frustrating. Instead, show your mom how to upload them onto an external hard-drive. This way, the computer can stop slowing down and mom can have a place to for all her photos. Additional benefit, should there ever be a reason to evacuate your home quickly, all she has to do is unplug and her lifetime of memories are safe. You can find affordable external hard drives with a lot of memory at most electronics stores. It may not be jewelry but its the thought that counts right?

For Niece / Daughter / Sister

Young ladies like technology that helps them accomplish their goals whether it be big or small. Thanks to accessibility of music in today’s world through platforms like Youtube, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes and Soundcloud, people listen to music during their daily commutes, for studying, work hours, gym time, even to get to sleep. What better way for your niece or daughter to enjoy her music without bothering everyone else around her than with great stereo quality headphones. She’ll be able to listen to all her favorite tunes no matter where she is without having to worry about the buds falling out or having everyone in the vicinity hear her guilty pleasure pop songs. Check out Panasonic RP-HTX7 headphones retailing for $40.

For Nephew / Son / Brother

Boys love tech gifts that give them a chance to share with their friends and keep them entertained. You can never go wrong with a video game console or the newest game that he hasn’t gotten for himself yet. Does it already have a console at home? Try a Nintendo 3DS hand-held console. Something that he can bring with him on the long family car rides or when his siblings are using the gaming console.

The best part about these tech-savvy gift ideas? If any of them should break or need repairing, you can bring them over to Wisp Electronics over in Harvey! Just a quick 10 minute car ride from downtown New Orleans. For more questions about tech repairs, give us call at 504-309-5322.