Finding the Right Phone Repair, New Orleans

There are many Phone Repair New Orleans options

For most of us, our cell phones are more than just communication devices. We use them to do business, talk to our friends and family, shop, date, almost everything. In many ways, the cell phone has become an extension of us. Seriously, how did we do anything before the time of cell phones?

That is why when your cell phone isn’t working or becomes damaged, we become frantic in the need to fix it. Not only is your cell phone essential to your busy life, but you paid a lot for it! So you want it to be in working order for when you need it. That is where Wisp Electronics comes to the rescue.

We offer repair services for most major brands of smartphones including iPhone, Android, HTC, Motorola and Blackberry with affordable pricing based on the availability of parts and labor. We perform all kinds of phone repair New Orleans, so come on in and let us take a look! We are located on the West Bank in Harvey on Manhattan Boulevard, only a quick 10 minute drive from downtown New Orleans.

When it comes to phone repair New Orleans has a pretty wide range of service providers. There are the large companies that require hours, sometimes days, to fix your electronics. There are small one-man shops doing shady work that might not be the best idea to trust your cell phone to. But when you come to Wisp, we are a family owned business that takes the needs of our clients above all else. Not only do we do phone repair but we fix computers and tablets, we’ll even pick up your device, repair it and then deliver it back to you. If you have an emergency, we can do on-site repair! That’s service at its best and that is what Wisp is all about. Call us today at 504-309-5322 or stop by our office.