Common Cell Phone Repairs Everyone Has to Deal With

Cell phones have been making our lives easier since their invention. Today, information, news, social media, cameras, all of it is available right at our fingertips. We can transport and find information from every corner of the world in the same time it take to brush our teeth and that kind of technology is incredible. The only downside with cell phones? They aren’t indestructible.

Everyone knows that dreaded feeling of your cell phone falling onto the floor, the toilet, or an aggressive child’s hands. You know that it isn’t going to come back in the same condition. Luckily, now that smartphones are so ubiquitous, the repairs that are needed are just as easy to come by. Let’s look over some of the most common cell phone repairs needed.

Charge Ports

Though incredibly advanced, cell phones are just like any other kind of electronic in that they require a battery for power. That battery must be charged in order to power up that powerful cell phone. Unfortunately, if you notice that your phone is having trouble charging or difficulty maintaining a charge, there could be a problem with the charge port. Charging cables use a delicate design of prongs in order to charge the battery. If you notice nothing wrong with the charger, then you likely need a charge port repair.

Power Buttons

Like the battery, power buttons are a crucial part to using your cell phone. When power buttons are pressed too hard or become damaged, they can stop working. This is one of many cell phone repairs that we consider annoying, but necessary. If you are having trouble getting your cell phone to turn on even after taking out and replacing the battery, you probably need your power button fixed.

Speaker Problems

Most people like to listen to music on their cellphones or watch videos using their mobile devices, but if your speakers are corroded or loose, the volume and sound quality of music and videos is greatly decreased. They may just need a quick tune-up or to be replaced. Either way, you want to get quality sound feature back to your smartphone and we can help.

There are many other kinds of cell phone problems but whatever repair you need Wisp on Manhattan Boulevard in Harvey can handle the job. Browse our Services Page to find the procedure your device needs or call us at 504-309-5322 for more questions!