Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your iPhone Screen Repair

iphone needing screen repair

Normally, we love to promote people to DIY projects. Making or fixing something yourself can not only save you time and money, but you get the satisfaction that comes with knowing you fixed a problem by yourself. However, there are some problems that require the help of professionals.

Things like open-heart surgery, tightrope walking and phone repairs should probably be left to those in your area that have experience handling that kind of problem. For example, if you had a classic car that you were planning to restore, would you just take it to the neighborhood mechanic? If you had no experience fixing up old cars, would you plan on doing it yourself? Most likely no. You would do your research, find a specialist, and trust in their knowledge and experience to get your car restored to it’s former glory.

There are few things in this world as saddening as dropping an iPhone. If you don’t have a protective case on it, you know that when you pick it up it isn’t going to be pretty. There are varying degrees of cracked screens. There is the “still manageable”, the “can’t see anything but it still texts and calls” and the “total-loss” crack. Now on the market today, there are these DIY kits for repairing iPhone screens.

iPhones are like cars in that there are many parts, many delicate parts. An iPhone is a glass phone for all intents and purposes, meaning it is very fragile and a small repair can easily become a big problem if you aren’t careful. One man thought he would try to repair his iPhone himself. He made a valiant effort, paid the price for the repair kit and ultimately, he had to call in the professionals. Now, we don’t know what happened to that man once he got to the repair shop but when you are fixing a screen yourself, you can quickly make the problem worse, possibly costing you more at the repair shop.

The next time you do the dreaded phone drop, bring that cracked and shattered iPhone screen into Wisp. We can fix your phone quickly and for an affordable price. Keep the DIY projects to homemade furniture and baking recipes. Leave the tech repairs to the professionals. Call Wisp today at 504-309-5322 for your repair needs!