Why Build a Custom PC?

When we think of “custom design,” the mind immediately goes to celebrities and their red-carpet fashion that are “custom-made” or tricked out cars that have your initials stitched into the seats. When we imagine something being custom built for us, we imagine some kind of avant garde, way too expensive and hardly necessary function. Well, not everything custom built has to be over the top.

If your work needs to use a computer regularly, can you imagine how much easier it would be to complete if you had got to build a custom PC?

Now, there is no doubt that for some, to build a custom PC would seem superfluous. Computers today are so advanced, so many features to explore, so many capabilities, would you be able to find a task that your PC or laptop could not complete?

If you are a gamer…

Gamers need their equipment to be just as sharp as their reflexes. Gamers use high-definition screens, loads of memory and hard drive space. Top speed performance is critical to beating your virtual enemies. When you purchase a retail PC, you don’t know what is in that motherboard and if it will be compatible with your needs. You can customize your PC to have extra memory, a large hard drive, or add a superior video card, whatever your little gaming heart desires.

If you are a graphic or web designer….

Being a web designer means having to deal with all kinds of variables. It also means needing tons and tons of memory. With a custom-built PC, you get to choose the products, materials and design of your PC. Perfect for those OCD clients that have very specific designs and needs. Perhaps you need more than one monitor, perhaps you want touchscreen features, whatever your mind can create, can be made for you.

If you hate bloatware…

When different companies want to stand out from their competition, they install all kind of features and programs into their PCs. While this may be nice on paper, what consumers are left with is a lot of unnecessary programs filling up their hard drive. When you build your own PC, you don’t have to worry about these programs or updating them or getting those annoying boxes telling you about some new feature or upgrade you need to install.

So save yourself the hassle and trouble of buying a new PC and finding out all the things you don’t like about it, and make one for yourself!