Looking for a Gretna Computer Repair Company?

Gretna Computer Repair

When your computer breaks down or begins malfunctioning, it can be a very frustrating situation. You may be concerned that it might deter you from finishing current work as well as losing your current files. That is why we have compiled a list of things to keep in mind before you bring your computer in for repair.

Put it in the cloud

If you plan to work while your computer is in our shop, make sure that the files you need for your current projects are in your cloud-based storage account. That way, the files will be easily accessible on another computer and you can continue to work with ease!


Create backup of your hard drive or SSD. Depending on what your computer issue is, wiping out the hard drive and reinstalling may be needed so it’s important you backup your important files. Depending on what caused your computer issue, you should consult with us on whether or not you should restore your computer exactly how it was before.

Make your computer accessible

If you have a password setup to access your computer, instead of giving out your password you can just disable it. By disabling your password we will able to access your computer again in case we need to reboot it!

For the best Gretna computer repair, trust the experts at WISP. We are a family technology company dedicated to keeping your technology in tip-top shape. Whether you have the latest  smart phone, still own a flip phone, or a video game system that pre-dates your children - we're the experts you can always take it to.

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