New Study Reveals 2015’s Top Tech Problems leading to PC Repair for New Orleans Residents

PC Repair New Orleans

In need of pc repair New Orleans residents? Although it may be a stressful situation, you can be relieved that you are not the only one dealing with tech issues!

RESCUECOM recently released a new Computer Repair Report outlining the top problems technology users experience. This comprehensive report covers everything tech, including tablets, smartphones and Internet-connected devices.

The RESCUECOM computer repair report details the top 10 problems that plague technology in 2015. In order to create these rankings, RESCUECOM performed a study of the technology and computer repair service calls for the past 12 months.

Check out the complete list below, have you experienced any of the issues below?

  1. Internet Connection Problems
  2. Viruses
  3. Slow Computer
  4. Computer and Tablet Hardware
  5. Computer Startup Problems
  6. Trouble with Email
  7. Data Transfer or Recovery and Printer Setup or Troubleshooting
  8. Windows OS Troubleshooting
  9. Application Troubleshooting
  10. User-caused Problems

We have all experienced the annoyance of tech issues. There are a wide variety of things can go wrong with your laptop, desktops and other personal smart devices.  By practicing safe browsing habits and having reliable Internet security, you can avoid many common issues but even so not all problems are avoidable. Whether it’s a cracked screen, damaged motherboards, broken fans, dropping your phone in the toilet, spilling a drink on your computer, or even dropping your laptop on the ground can cause problems and affect how you can use your devices, ultimately resulting in stress and headaches.

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