We Can Do It All: Wisp Smartphone Repair

Although many smartphone manufacturers offer repair services, taking advantage of these services can often result in impersonal treatment and lengthy wait times. Many people consider their smartphone their most treasured electronic device -- your smartphone is your link to work, friends and family. It may also be one of your primary sources of entertainment. Why, then, would you want to take the risk of mailing your smartphone to the manufacturer when Wisp can handle all of your smartphone repair needs locally?

Smartphone Screen Replacement

Because you need to touch the screen to interact with your smartphone, few smartphone cases include screen protection. This makes the screen the most likely component of a smartphone to break. Screen replacement can often be costly, though, because this type of repair often includes replacement of both the glass and the underlying electronics. In some cases, though, you can save a great deal of money on smartphone screen replacement by selecting a high-quality generic screen rather than an original replacement from the phone's manufacturer. Talk to us for help with selecting a repair option that fits within your budget.

Smartphone Battery or Charging Port Replacement

After the screen, the battery and charging port are the two components of a smartphone that receive the most wear. A lithium-ion battery naturally loses its ability to hold a charge over time. This results in reduced battery life, especially when playing games or using the Internet. A charging port can also wear out over time due to the scraping of metal on metal when you insert and remove the charging cable. Your smartphone's charging port is probably in need of replacement if the charging cable wobbles or you need to insert it several times before the battery begins charging.

Smartphone Power Button Replacement

The power button may handle a great deal of abuse over a smartphone's lifespan. Your smartphone's power button may require replacement if you need to press the button several times to wake the phone from sleep mode. The spring mechanism under a smartphone's power button may also lose elasticity over time, resulting in a button that feels "mushy" or remains stuck in the down position. Although power button replacement is one of the more complicated smartphone repair procedures -- often requiring removal of the delicate glass screen -- our rates are surprisingly affordable. 

Fix your phone and get back to enjoying the many benefits of your smartphone with Wisp. Give us a call for a free estimate on your smartphone repair or stop by our shop at 1901 Manhattan Blvdl, Suite F-105 in Harvey!