Miscellaneous Repairs

Wisp is more than just phone and computer repairs. We offer our clients many different kinds of tech and electronic repair services. With every device brought into our shop, we first perform diagnostics to determine the cause of the problem, free of charge!

Once we perform our diagnostics, we try to find the component that needs replacing or determine if the repair can be made in-house. All electronic repairs are performed on a case-by-case basis. You can trust that Wisp will provide accurate advice on the price, length and nature of your repair.


  • Light Up Shoe Repairs
  • Smart Watch Repairs
  • Car Key Fob Button Repairs
  • iPhone Backlight Filters
  • Musical Keyboard Key Repairs
  • Headphone Jack Repairs
  • RC Cars Repairs
  • Scratched CDs, DVDs, Video Games Discs Resurfacing
  • LED Costume Repairs
  • Soldering Requests
  • Broken Flash Drive/Thumbstick data recovery

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