The Wisp Way

You deserve world-class part quality: only supreme quality or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are used when available, and we have the knowledge to prove it. Given our expertise, we can repair efficiently enough to offer low-cost labor and six month warranties on hundreds of products, while still being a lower cost option than other repair companies..

Want to know how much we charge for a part or labor? Sure, we can itemize your costs for parts and labor. Want to suggest a product or service we should offer? Please recommend. 

We’re here because we love what we do and want to share our passion with you.

Our Team

John Maikell

John Maikell

Chris Lee

Chris Lee

Lateef Jamal Elhaj

Lateef Jamal Elhaj

Why repair your device?

Our lives are saturated with technology that seems to advance and become more sophisticated every day. Our daily activities are filled with various devices that aim to make more efficient every function we perform.  From socializing, to working, to shopping, to learning, to navigating, screens are inseparable from our hands, ears and eyes. Yet, these newer and more powerful devices, such as phones and tablets, are becoming more expensive not only to purchase, but to maintain and protect. No longer does it make economic sense to throw away broken devices to buy new ones. Over the past five years many technology companies have emerged to offer an alternative: device repair.

What has Wisp seen in the repair field?

Today, there exists a large, faceless sea of “i-whatevers” and “device doctors” and “nerd patrols” that tout specializing in device repair. In reality they are able to perform simple, common repairs for one or two types of devices such as iPhones or laptops. Having worked for and talked to many of these companies, some disheartening patterns have become clear.  Our competitors’ goals are to make the most money by using the cheapest, lowest quality parts and the cheapest, least-skilled labor. Many companies that claim to use original, also known as OEM parts probably could not prove it if asked to, and much of their staff is a revolving door of low-skilled high school and college students who just need temporary jobs. Often, the store owners have very little knowledge about their company’s services and rarely interact with the public. When properly calculated, many of these companies are charging as much as $120/hr for labor.

What do we offer better for service?

Our service philosophy is simple: customize each experience to our clients’ needs and best options. Whether suggesting the proper part for a particular do-it-yourself phone repair, learning about your preferences to build that perfect computer, or guiding you in choosing between getting a phone repair or claiming insurance, Wisp seeks to be a trusted resource. Our service comes from a four-person team with over a decade’s experience in consumer technologies.


Wisp Parts Philosophy

Phone parts can have hundreds of components that must all work in unison to provide complete functionality.  Because of inferior materials and construction, most copy (also called aftermarket) parts have very high risks of failing, damaging your device, and may simply not be built well enough to fit in the spot they’re supposed to go in! Given how small and delicate other surrounding components are, any uneven pressure or incorrect angles of an installed part can have severe consequences on the functionality of your device. At worst, copy parts can render your device inoperable.

Why original parts?

Our choice in providing OEM (original equipment manufacturer) phone parts when they are available means that what you receive will match exactly the part you are replacing on your phone. The fit, the quality, and the reliability of the parts we sell mean fewer defects and easier installation. Most important, it means that the risk of damaging your phone is greatly reduced.


What do you see in parts that are not OEM?

Unfortunately, the industry standard is to sell copy parts: they’re extremely cheap, and many sellers are okay with the high rates of defects. And unlike other sellers, we know how to identify original and copy parts.  As technicians ourselves, the time wasted and the quality lost on installing an inferior copy part is frustrating not only for us, but for our clients as well.  Almost never have we seen an aftermarket part perform as well as the original, which is why we seek to provide OEM parts when they’re available.

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Wisp's Education Philosophy

What is technology education?

Not everyone is experienced with technology or even feels comfortable around a computer or a brand new tablet. At Wisp, we think that’s okay! We’ve all had to sit down and learn something new and after it’s done, that feeling of accomplishment is like nothing else. We’d love to be able to be a part of your learning process. Perhaps you’ve just bought a new device and want to learn all about its capabilities. Maybe you’re experienced and want to challenge yourself to a new software program. Getting ready for a job search? Have you thought about brushing up on some computer skills? We’re here to help you become an expert!

Wisp’s Integrity and Client Relationship Philosophy

Wisp was created to add transparency and client community to not only the electronics repair industry, but to the entire service industry. We don’t see people as “customers” or “consumers.”People always have been and always will be “people” or traditional “clients.” Everybody has a name, a life, hopes, accomplishments, and sometimes, they also happen to have a broken laptop screen or a dead battery. We want to hear your story and how we can be a part of it. Our goal is to offer decades’ worth of unrivaled professional knowledge, advice, service, and pricing to our clients, all while revealing how we do it---through open conversation, social networking, and blogging. Why? Because we think it’s the right thing and the fair thing to do. There is no revolving door: we are each here to stay and assist you however we can. We are motivated by developing positive relationships and listening to your constructive feedback. In a word, we are motivated by happiness. Wisp is people driven, not profit driven.