Why Wisp Should Be Your New Orleans Computer Repair Shop

New Orleans Computer Repair Shop

While computers are capable of doing practically everything these days, they are still machines and machines break down every once in a while. Whether it be because of viruses, hardware malfunction, accidents, drops, falls, or water, when your computer is on the fritz, everything slows down for you. Business has to be postponed, schoolwork is halted and you are scrambling trying to find the best New Orleans computer repair shop to perform the services you need. If you are still looking, here are a few reasons why Wisp should be your go-to repair shop.

1. Reasonable Quotes Before Work Begins

We have our Services Page listed with the prices for most of our repair services but we really won’t know what we’re dealing with until we see the device. That is why we offer a FREE diagnostic service for every device that comes into our office, so that we can find out the source of your problem and give you an approximate estimate.

2) When We Repair, We Make Sure It Sticks

For those that come into the best New Orleans computer repair shop (we gave ourselves that title, feel free to find out yourself!) for virus removal, we install our favorite and the latest antivirus software so we and you can be sure that your device is safe for the future. We care about our customers and appreciate their business, so we like giving back.

3) We Don’t Just Repair One Kind of Device

There are so many different repair services in New Orleans, it can be hard to find one to trust. Some repair shops only fix Mac or PC computers, some only help with smartphone repair, but as Wisp, we do it all! Everything from all kind of computers, different kinds of smartphones, gaming devices, tablets, if it is an electronic, we can help you!

4) Our Affordable Prices

Our repair prices are extremely affordable. Not only do we understand the importance of repairing your device properly, but we also understand that not everyone has hundreds of dollars to shell out on computer repair. We are a family business. We are your neighbors and we are here to help all of New Orleans get their devices up and running and getting you back online!

Do you really need anymore reasons to choose Wisp? Well if you want a few more reasons or just have questions would like a quotes, give our office a call at 504-309-5322, email us at info@wispnola.com or stop by at 1401 Manhattan Boulevard, Suite F-105 in Harvey. Just a quick 10 minute drive from downtown New Orleans!