Why Choose Wisp as Your Cell Phone Repair Shop

Not all cell phone repair shops are created equally. Before you bring your malfunctioning cell phone to that corner repair shop, do you know if their prices are fair? How long have they been performing repairs? How long will it take? Do they offer a warranty for their repairs? Have you checked their reviews?

When you choose Wisp to be your go-to cell phone repair shop, you can trust in the quality of work and the pricing. Not only are we affordable and do quality work but we are also open Monday through Saturday so you never have to go a whole weekend without your trusty sidekick, your smartphone.

Our experience is parallel to those large companies but our repairs also come with a six month warranty. If you have problems with the repairs or just have more questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We find that our services are more affordable than the competitors. The large corporate phone repair companies are independently owned and operated so they can charge whatever amount they feel like charging. Furthermore, you cannot know the price of your cell phone repair until the technicians see the phone. This doesn’t make budgeting easy for a phone repair and you can’t trust that you are getting the best price. Some repair shops only fix one kind of cell phone brand or they only offer one kind of repair service. Well it might be nice to specialize in only one area, but at Wisp Electronics, we like to be as inclusive as possible so our clients never have to go far for their repair needs.

Trying to find a cell phone repair shop that you can trust to perform the repairs you need for an affordable price shouldn’t be so hard. And it doesn’t have to be when you decide to partner with Wisp Electronics for your electronic repair needs.