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What Makes Wisp in Harvey's Apple iPhone and iPad Part Quality the Best in New Orleans?

What Makes Wisp in Harvey's Apple iPhone and iPad Part Quality the Best in New Orleans?

We hear and see it over and over again from our competitors: "we only use the highest quality parts" or "our parts are A+++" or "our parts are OEM" and so on. We ourselves make a similar claim: only the highest parts available. For a repair as common as a cracked iPhone and iPad screen, it's critical that Wisp finds and maintains parts that deliver the highest functionality with the lowest defect rate. It's doubly important to be trained to install them properly.

Why is the IPhone 6s so popular?

Millions of people have gotten their hands on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. It's an incredibly popular smartphone with a premium aluminum design. Millions more are likely to be sold this holiday season. Let's get introduced to the machine:

Some iPhone 6S Statistics

  • Retina H display with at least 326 pixels per inch
  • 12 MP camera
  • Live (GIF-like) photos
  • 4K (greater than HD) video recording
  • Available in two sizes: Regular (5.44" x 2.64") and Plus (6.23" x 3.07")
  • Colors: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Space Gray

What makes the iPhone 6S better than other phones?

The Force Touch available on the iPhone 6S was previously only available on the Apple Watch. It provides users with an opportunity to greatly increase the amount of control they have in menus. No longer are there are there two options for navigating through apps - a click and a hold. Instead, the apps can reveal different amount of information, or previews, depending on how hard you press the screen. It's a nifty features that'll become more useful as App Developers learn to utilize it better.

In addition, as always is the standard with Apple, the design and industrial look of the model is top-notch. If you want the most beautiful phone, you can't really go wrong with the newest iPhone.

What are the downsides to the 6S currently?

Apple has never been keen on making its devices easy to repair, though. Cracked screens are a big problem with the iPhone 6S models. Without a doubt, that's true of all smartphones because screens break from even minor drops. Water damage is another common problem. Front- and rear-facing cameras on the device can become damaged with a drop, too. On the other hand, a faulty battery is a less common repair, and sometimes a TouchID sensor requires replacing. These are all potential repairs. The average person cannot open up these devices and make repairs themselves. The iPhone 6S, like all of Apple's iPhones before it, utilizes a unibody design. This means the devices are completely sealed, and opening one requires a handful of tools. For iPhone 6S repairs, device owners need to turn to the professionals for results, and in 2015 that means a trip to the Genius Bar. 

If your phone is simply running slow, though, that typically means a software issue. Although Apple tends to be a little more secure than Android phones, sometimes a less-than-friendly software suite will find its way onto your phone. If you're interested in a free diagnostic, just bring your phone into our offices between 10AM and 7PM and we'd be happy to give it a look over for you.

At this point, though, we'd heartily recommend an iPhone 6S as a great product for most consumers.

Getting Water Damaged Phone Repairs Done around Estelle, LA

Getting Water Damaged Phone Repairs Done around Estelle, LA

Unless you have a waterproof cell phone, dropping your device in water can seriously damage its delicate internal parts. Unfortunately, many cell phone manufacturers will not honor your phone's warranty if it was exposed to water. You will need to make water damaged phone repairs yourself or get professional help to recover your device.