Pros and Cons of Unlocked Phones

When you think of an unlocked phone, if you aren’t sure what is being discussed, you could be getting it really wrong. When we did a quick search we found that most thought an unlocked phone was a stolen phone with protective features that were being broken into. And when we say “locked phone” are we just referring to a phone on locked screen? Nope! Confusing, huh? Let us help to clarify this for you.

An unlocked phone means that it is not locked into a contract with any carrier. It is a free agent, if you will. In most phones, the SIM card is only compatible with that carrier’s phones. When a phone is unlocked, it means that it can still perform all the functions that it is capable of like receiving and making calls, text messages and using data.

There are both pros and cons to unlocking phones. One advantage is that you are free to choose the plan with the price that fits your needs and that since it became legal in the US again this year, everyone can enjoy the benefits. Another benefit of the unlocked phone is that you are not tied down by a contract. You don’t have to stay with one carrier for 2+ years or stay within the confines and data allotments of your contract. Other pros to having an unlocked phone are that they are highly sought after, especially for international travelers needing only to buy a foreign GSM SIM card, so you can acquire a nice price for your unlocked device if you decide to sell it.

Now, to the downside. Believe it or not, there are some disadvantages to having a locked phone. If you decide to unlock your phone, you will void your agreement and make your contract void including insurance and warranties. As we stated previously, getting an unlocked phone is more expensive so although you don’t want to deal with a contract, you may still be paying a pretty penny. Also, some of the unlocking software out there as well as the tutorials could be damaging to your phone and cause it to become unusable.

So there are benefits and disadvantages to having an unlocked phone. Some argue that the benefits do not outweigh the risks, but the choice really depends on the kind of lifestyle you live and how comfortable you are with the unlocking process. If you have more questions about unlocked phones, give Wisp a call at 504-309-5322 or come into our store on Manhattan Boulevard in Harvey.