Onsite New Orleans Computer Repair for Emergencies

New Orleans Computer Repair

Most of the time when you need computer repairs, you needed them yesterday. It is understandable, we use our computers for almost everything! So when you need a quick computer fix, we want to be quick and affordable. Luckily the team at Wisp is always prepared for your technology emergencies. Not only is our office open Monday through Saturday from 10 to 7, we can even come to you for onsite computer repair anywhere in New Orleans!

We believe that making our company accessible and helpful to our clients is the best way to do business. Not only do we offer onsite computer repair in New Orleans, we offer accelerated emergency services where we can come pick up your device and return delivery for you! How great are we?

With the option of onsite computer repairs, for a competitive fee, we can come to your home, office, or location and get your computer back up and running as fast as possible. If you need a new part, we can see if it is available nearby or if we have it in the shop, whatever you need to get your computer fixed and functioning again. Have a huge presentation due in the morning? Need your laptop for a business trip tomorrow? We’re here to help with quality, trustworthy repairs.

Our computer repair services include:

  • Virus Removal

  • Hardware Installation

  • Operating System Services

  • Hardware Repair

  • File Restoration

Need some quick onsite computer repair? Call our office at 504-309-5322 and tell us the situation, we’ll send someone over in a flash to start working on your device. So before you have a complete meltdown or throw your computer out a window, give Wisp a call and see if we can fix you up!