New Orleans Computer Problems & Fixes

New Orleans Computer Problems and Fixes

1. Help! My computer won’t hold a charge!

We get this question a LOT. If your computer seems to be on the fritz and can’t hold a charge longer than a few minutes or an hour, then a few things could be happening. You could either need to replace your battery, most die after about 18-24 months, or you need a new power cord. Check to make sure that the new power cord you acquire is the EXACT same model as your computer. Putting in the wrong power cord could make your current battery go kaput. And then you’ll need to replace the power cord and the battery.

2. Help! My computer is running so slow!

There is nothing more frustrating than when your device is running slow. You have things to do and you need a computer that can work as fast you do. The cause of a slow computer could be a few different things which makes it one of the most common New Orleans computer problems we experience at Wisp. You could have a virus that is slowing down your functionality. Your RAM might be full, you might have a fragmented hard-drive, you might have too many background programs running or scanning. No matter what the cause, bring your computer to us at Wisp and we get you back to high-speed working.

3. Help! All of my files are gone!

Worst. Feeling. Ever. If you lose your files, don’t lose your mind. Just come on over to us at Wisp on Manhattan Boulevard.  Once we run our free diagnostic program (just to make sure that we can recover your lost files), we get your lost files back and then burn up to 1 DVD worth of data (about 4GB) so that you don’t have to worry about losing that data again. All that for only $35, talk about a steal!

4. Help! I can’t get my computer connected to my printer!

There is nothing more annoying than seeing that troubleshooting notification on your screen when you need to print something in a hurry. Device connection  is an easy fix for us at Wisp. It might just mean you need to download some new drivers, maybe your printer software is out of date, maybe you have a corrupted file on your computer, whatever the reason, we offer multi-point device inspection for all of your hardware including printers, external hard drives, fax machines and scanners. We’ll find and fix the problem for you!

These are just a small sampling of the many different New Orleans computer problems we see and fix at Wisp. If you find yourself screaming at your screen and threatening to throw it out a window, take a breath and bring it to us at 1401 Manhattan Boulevard in Harvey. We’re just a 10 minute drive from downtown New Orleans and we have all your computer repair needs. Call 504-309-5322 for more questions or to get a repair estimate.