Wisp is New Orleans Motherboard Repair Service Center

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The motherboard is the brain of your computer. A motherboard is a circuit board that acts as the foundation of the computer. It transmits power to the CPU, RAM and other pieces of the computer and allows other parts to communicate with one another, making a better, more intuitive device. It controls everything and anything that your device can do. And when it isn’t working properly, your computer is out of commission and you are scrambling for help.

How will you know if your motherboard needs replacing. Well for starters, your computer won’t be working. That is usually a big indicator. Usually if your computer is starting up, lights on keyboards and power buttons can be seen, then the motherboard might still be working. Some other signs that your motherboard is kaput are things like:

  • If you power up and don’t hear the quick “beep.” That beeping sound is the computer’s power-on self test. In addition, the beep is the computer’s way of checking the system to see if the connections are there to power up completely. So no beep = no board.

  • If you remove the RAM and video card and it still won’t power up. If there is no RAM installed, a motherboard won’t make that previously mentioned beep. The RAM error sound is actually a series of beeps, repeating. So if you hear the long string of beeps, then we can assume that the motherboard isn’t dead, but that the RAM or another area of the computer is malfunctioning. However, we would recommend you visiting a place like Wisp or another motherboard repair service center before you begin taking apart your device.

  • If you turn your computer on and the fans begin spinning, then you can assume that the motherboard is still working.

  • A blue screen when the computer is powered on is a usual indicator of a dead motherboard.

  • Swollen or bulging capacitors

Is you are having these kind of functional issues, bring your computer into Wisp on the Westbank. Motherboard repair is our speciality at Wisp. It can take longer than a day or two to complete, it requires skill and careful technique. However, it is better than buying a whole new computer right?

Come into our office at 1901 Manhattan Boulevard in Harvey or call ahead at 504-309-5322 for all of your motherboard repair service needs.