Making a Refurbished Phone Your Work Phone

A lot of Refurbished Phones

In today’s workplace, there are so many opportunities for communication. There is email, texting, calling, social media, interoffice messaging, and apps. This leaves a lot of areas where a mistake or hacking could be problematic for someone who only has one phone for both their personal and professional communication.

Instead, make your life easier by adding another phone line to your plan and make it your work cell phone. This way any communication will not be sent to the wrong person and stops the personal from mixing with the professional. We know what you are thinking, why would I buy another phone just to deal with work calls?

Well let’s say that you are self-employed or an independent salesperson, you wouldn’t want say a silly email from your brother being accidentally forwarded to your clients. Or if you handle social media and public relations for your company, you wouldn’t want a post on your personal pages be made through your company’s channels. Two different phones, different numbers, profiles, accounts, and zero confusion.

With a refurbished phone, you could purchase a phone that needs a minor repair for half the retail the price, then bring it over to Wisp Electronics and we’ll fix it right up for you. So now, you’ll have two nice phones for both business and pleasure, but at a quarter of the cost. Call Wisp Electronics in Harvey to learn more about how repair costs or refurbished phones at 504-309-5422 or visit our shop at 1901 Manhattan Boulevard. We’re open Monday through Saturday, 10 AM - 7PM and are always happy to answer your questions.