iPhone Accessories & iPhone Repair

Your iPhone does practically everything for you doesn’t it? You use it to communicate, to surf the internet, to shop, bank, date, just about everything! Although it does a lot for you, it could do more if you had a few of these accessories to upgrade your photos, protect your phone and keep it along with your other electronics charged.

iPhones arguably have some of the cameras on their phones, but you can improve your photo taking ability with a small addition. The Olloclip photo lens contains 4 different kinds of lenses fisheye, wide-angle, macro 10x, and 15x that are capable in both rear and selfie mode. This way you can enhance your photos, take wide angles shots or cools fishbowl selfies with ease. Only $79.99 through the Apple Store but finding similar products for a better price is easy at most electronics store.

While iPhone have a variety of great qualities, it cannot be denied that iPhones are the easiest to break. Because the iPhone is designed to be as intuitive as possible, the screen along with its materials are very delicate and fragile. Unfortunately for clumsy customers everywhere, this means a great phone with awesome resolution but it might as well be made of glass. So to avoid the horror of shattering your phone, get it a protective outer cover. Wisp Electronics usually recommends the Otterbox. They are waterproof as well as having an internal structure that protects the phone from cracks. Depending on the retailer, Otterboxes can range from $30-$50.

Instead of having 5 different electronics plugged into different outlets around your bedroom or office, try getting a charging port. This iPhone accessory can charge your iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iPod all at once. Place it right by your door or on your desk so that it won’t take up space. You also won’t have to deal with wires all over the place. Most retail for about $50 and can be found at many different electronics stores and online.

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