iPad Pro Repair Services around Gretna, LA

In this day in age, tablets are something everyone has. Their use varies from person to person but easily become an important part in everyday life. One of the most popular tablets, soon to go on sale in November 2015, is the iPad Pro. It is small, lightweight and can get you through the day easily and productively. There are times, however, when devices get damaged, whether it be through a cracked screen, batteries that stopped working or displays malfunctioning. Looking for iPad Pro repair services near you becomes important to do at these times, and that’s where we can come in.

We're a family technology company dedicated to keeping your devices in the best shape they can be. We deal with tablets frequently and have the experience and expertise needed to quickly fix your iPad. 

One of the most common issues people come in with are broken screens. Whether you dropped your iPad one too many times or it got knocked down while your kids were running around, Wisp can repair it easily. A screen replacement can be done swiftly with the care needed to remove your screen and install a new one.

Broken LCD displays are another common issue. Sometimes the iPad has been working fine until, suddenly, it boots up to display a dim screen, parts of the screen aren’t showing up or the screen stays completely blank. These are issues associated with a broken LCD display. Our technicians can repair broken LCD displays too. 

There are many more things that can break an iPad Pro, but these are two of the most common tablet issues people have that can be fixed by our team at Wisp. Even if you have a different issue, the iPad Pro repair services offered by our staff can assist you and get your iPad up and running in no time. You can get in contact with our experts by calling (504)309-5322.