Uh-Oh! How Do I Restore Lost/Deleted Files?

Saving Deleted Lost Files

So you are working steadily on that big project. The one that is due in a few hours. You’re so close to being done you can taste it. You notice your computer has a little glitch. It starts acting funny. Then it just shuts off. You begin sending prayers and offerings to whatever deity you support that the project you were working on is still there. You look. And look. And look.

It’s not there.

Now this is usually the point where you would begin hyperventilating and thinking of a way to fake your death so you don’t fired. But before you begin that panic attack, there is help available to restore lost files. If it isn’t already, Wisp on the Westbank of New Orleans should be your new go-to computer repair shop.

We’ve all been there, delete something on accident, installing new software only to find things are gone, computer crashes, we’ve seen everything. Bring your device into our shop and we’ll run a free diagnostic exam just to be sure that we are equipped to handle the problem, from there we’ll walk you through step by step on how we plan to restore lost files. If all goes well, we can burn up to 1 DVD worth of data, which is about 4GB, or however much we can fit onto your external hard drive so that you never have to worry about losing it again.

Remember, before you go into a tailspin over your lost data or files, bring your device into Wisp in Harvey and let us take a look. You can bring your device into our office at 1901 Manhattan Boulevard, Suite F-105 in Harvey or you can call ahead for more information at 504-309-5322. Our office is open Monday through Saturday, 10 to 7 or you can even comment with questions at the bottom of this post.