Got a Gamer Kid? Here’s What to Know About Gaming PCs & Repair

Whether it’s building a castle in Minecraft or taking down a plane in the latest Call of Duty, it’s hard to deny the power of games in today’s culture, particularly amongst kids. do you know if you have a gamer kid?

  • Does he have friends all over the country?

  • Does he spend his time reading and researching new games and techniques to beat their challenges?

  • Do you often hear the screams of victory and the cries of defeat coming from their room?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you might have a gamer kid. Lucky you!

The best thing that you could get for a gamer kid is a custom built gaming PC. A gaming PC is not your average computer, and it doesn’t quite fit in with the light/slim laptops you might be seeing all around you this year. They’re typically desktops, and can be a little bulky. Size doesn’t necessarily matter. Just like with people, it’s what’s inside that counts. Plus, once being more familiar with the internals can help you if your gaming PC needs repairs (although we’ll always help with that!)

If you need help trying to figure out what kind of PC to get for a gamer, we’ve got a few tips. To begin, features like dual (or even triple if they’ve been particularly good) monitors can help them have an expanded viewing capabilities and let’s them invite their friends over to play as well. Make sure the screen resolution is at least HD, so you’ll be able to see the action as clearly as possible. Bonus points if you get a 4K screen! You’ll also want to be looking at systems that have lots of RAM, preferably 16GB+ but at least 8GB. Finally, take a look at finding a high quality graphics card as well. Gaming is all about the graphics after all.

Still stumped? Don’t worry, the internet is here to save the day. Websites like Choose My PC will help you generate a customer gaming build, based just off your budget and a few other questions. Also, don’t freak out about building - just think of it as adult legos.

Have more questions about how to make the perfect gaming PC for your child or friend? Just give us at Wisp a call at 504-309-5322. And if the PC ever breaks, we’re your go-to company for gaming computer repair. Maybe you want to see what can be done to make your current computer better equipped for a gamer? Either way, you can call or come visit our shop at 1901 Manhattan Boulevard, Suite F-105 in Harvey.