Getting Water Damaged Phone Repairs Done around Estelle, LA

Unless you have a waterproof cell phone, dropping your device in water can seriously damage its delicate internal parts. Unfortunately, many cell phone manufacturers will not honor your phone's warranty if it was exposed to water. You will need to make water damaged phone repairs yourself or get professional such as our team at Wisp to help to recover your device. 

Here's some helpful tips for the immediate things to take care of when your phone has water damage.

1. Get it out of the liquid!

Hopefully you've done this by the time you're reading this blog! But if not, its essential to remove your phone from the liquid / water as soon as possible to reduce the potential damage.

2. Remove the Battery / Power off the Device.

Remove the SIM card, any storage expansion cards and the battery. If the battery is not removable, such as an iPhone's battery, power down the device to prevent any electricity from running through its circuits. 

3. Dry off the device & parts.

Dry the outside of the device with a cloth towel, napkin or a soft paper towel. Pay close attention to any open ports, microphone holes and speakers. If you have access to an absorbent material, such as rice or silica gel packets, you can submerge the phone in the material overnight to facilitate the drying process. In addition, you may achieve some success reviving your phone by cleaning the wet areas with isopropyl alcohol, which can help to dry out any moisture. 

4. Be patient.

To avoid hampering the drying process, you should not move the phone for at least 24 to 48 hours to prevent any trapped moisture from spreading to other parts of the device. In addition, don't press your phone's switches or buttons, which could push water further into your device. 

5. Talk to the experts.

If your phone does not turn on after waiting for 24 to 48 hours, it doesn't mean that your device is not salvageable. Instead of getting rid of your phone, consider taking it to a company that has a lot of experience completing water damaged phone repairs, such as our team. Give us a call at 504-309-5322 today to schedule a free diagnostic.