Finding Affordable Computer Repair in Harvey, Louisiana

Getting your computer fixed shouldn’t require an act of Congress and a second mortgage on your house. When you are having your computer repaired, you are paying for a knowledge base. You are paying someone with experience and has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy with your important devices (hopefully) but that doesn’t mean that you want to spend your whole paycheck either. Luckily, at Wisp in Harvey, we understand the average consumer needs tech repairs usually more than once a year but many forgo necessary repairs because they worry they can’t afford it. In such a tech-driven world, finding affordable computer repair shouldn’t be this hard.

When you need a computer repair you have a few options: you can either send the computer back to the manufacturer, you can find a big corporate repair company that puts you behind 70 other clients, or you can lend it to a friend that is “good with computers.” These options might not be the best idea if you are looking for affordable computer repair. Let’s see, sending back to a manufacturer is really only applicable if you have a warranty, you’ll have to pay for shipping and handling, not to mention waiting about a week for repairs. You could try corporate repair companies that have a long line of customers waiting ahead of you and they are operating at the maximum cost. And that tech friend? We hope that you are sure about that, we’ve seen a lot of DIY or “friend jobs” that haven’t turned out well and take us longer to fix what they have done.

Skip all the waiting, wondering and overpaying and send all your computer repair needs to the folks at Wisp. We are only a quick 10 minute drive from downtown New Orleans and are open Monday through Saturday. You can call our offices at 504-309-5322 if you have questions or you can just comment at the bottom of this post, and we’ll answer right away!