Everything to Know About Samsung: Phone Repairs, Top Models & More

Samsung's phones have grown in popularity over the past decade, to the point of gaining 31% of the global smartphone market. Which means that if you don't currently have an iPhone in your pocket, our best guess is that you have a Samsung, Android device. These phones are powerful, well-made, and depending on your model, can be quite unique. But no phone is perfect, so it might need fixing. Whether you're looking for information on the right model, or you're here for a samsung phone repair, let's dive in for more information.

Samsung Phone Models

Samsung's Galaxy devices have long been at the top of the Android device charts. Their latest, the Samsung Galaxy S5, is no different. With water resistance, a fingerprint reader, a built-in heart rate monitor, and a superb camera, many feel its the Samsung's best Android experience.

But for those who believe that bigger is better, the Note line is the way to go. Long before Apple realized that people love the Phablet, Samsung has been producing Note phones. With massive screens, and incredibly useful S-Pen stylus's, these phones are a neat workaround for those who have a lot of work to do on the go, but prefer not to lug around a tablet.

Samsung also has plenty on the way. With lots of innovation coming (such as the Galaxy Note Edge) we're excited to see their future.

Samsung Phone Repairs for Problems

Every phone has its issues. Samsung phones are no different. The screens are strong, but still may be cracked from a high enough fall. In addition, many users see "water resistant", but don't realize that doesn't mean "water proof". Be sure to close the charging port firmly before any water gets in, or you'll be left to deal with the consequences.

Are you looking for a samsung phone repair in the Harvey, Louisiana or New Orleans area? Come to Wisp, and we'll be happy to work with you to get your Samsung device back in perfect, top-of-the-line shape for you.