Cracked Tablet Screens aren't Just Annoying - They're Dangerous

Many people enjoy the convenience of using a tablet for business or personal reasons. Unfortunately, tablet screens can crack if the device is dropped, which presents several different problems. It's one of the most common reasons customers come to our technicians for! The list below outlines the dangers of cracked tablet screens.

Finger Damage

When a tablet screen cracks, it becomes less functional, leading to harder finger presses to navigate and open apps. If a crack is particularly severe, tiny bits of glass can become embedded in the user's finger, which will then transfer to anything the person touches, including the eyes. In addition, more shards may be shed when the device is placed in a pocket or bag, which may result in injury.

Component Loss

The touchscreen on a tablet acts not only as an interface for the user but also provides protection for the components inside the device. A cracked screen will allow moisture inside the tablet that can lead to a short circuit, making the device unusable. A crack may also spread, causing the entire screen to fail and fall off, leaving the device vulnerable to irreparable damage.


Using a device with a cracked screen is not only annoying, it can be dangerously distracting if a person is driving and using a GPS app that cannot be clearly viewed. Simply trying to read an article becomes a major task when important content is under the cracked portion of the screen. Multitasking is painfully slow or impossible. A tablet with a cracked screen is simply not fun to use

While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, it is best practice to repair cracked tablet screens as quickly as possible. Once damaged, they are more likely to continue cracking and presenting problems. Continuing to use a device with a cracked screen is dangerous for both the user and other people.

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