Computer Hardware Repairs Are Tricky - What Should You Do?

Computer Hardware Repairs in New Orleans, LA

Whether you are an individual with a personal computer or a business owner having technical troubles with your IT, trying to perform those pesky computer hardware repairs yourself could leave you with a bigger problem on your hands. In the age of Youtube videos and online tutorials, people have a tendency to try to fix themselves before bringing it to professionals. And sometimes that is a good idea! We at Wisp on the Westbank applaude your efforts. However, there are some repairs that need a touch more technique and expertise and in those cases, you should bring it to Wisp.

What do we mean by computer hardware repair? There are many, many different parts of a computer. Hardware refers to everything from the monitors, keyboards, memory, motherboard, RAM, battery, chipset, we could go on and on but every once in a while, one or more of these components needs repairing. While we appreciate the effort you give trying to fix it yourself, many of these parts are very delicate, a grain of sand could be disastrous to a microchip, so before you try to repair it yourself, remember that computer hardware repair at Wisp is only $90 for PCs and laptops and $120 for Macs. However, trying to repair a piece of computer hardware after someone’s failed attempt, well that can be considerably harder.

Here at Wisp, we specialize in motherboard repairs. The motherboard is essential to a functioning device, which means that finding the right repair specialist is crucial. With motherboard repairs, clients usually have to pay for a new motherboard as well as the shipping, handling and repair costs of returning the device to manufacturer. Instead, save that time, money and frustration and bring your computer hardware repairs to Wisp in Harvey. Located on Manhattan Boulevard, we’re just a short 10 minute drive from downtown New Orleans.When you are deciding where to bring your malfunctioning device, remember that our customer care, experience and affordable pricing prove that we are the best company for the job.

Have more questions about computer repair? Give our office a call at 504-309- 5322 or stop by and see us at 1901 Manhattan Boulevard, Suite F-105. We’re open Monday through Saturday 10AM until 7PM.