Cell Phone Glass Repair for Androids and iPhones

Broken Cell Phone Screen

It's something that every phone owner hopes to never hear: the crack of a broken screen. But now that cell phones are in the hands of every man, woman, and child, it's becoming more a more common situation.

You're far from alone. Here at Wisp, we deal with broken cell phone screens all the time. Our specialists can handle any phone, whether it's your brand new iPhone 6s Plus or a few generations old Samsung Galaxy. The good news is that while we haven't come up with a way to prevent phones from having broken screens (other than cases,) technology has improved on fixing these screens.

If your phone screen is cracked, here's the steps to take immediately:

  1. First, be careful to remove and broken glass, particularly if the phone belongs to a child or teenager. You don't want anyone to be hurt more than your phone already is!
  2. Put the phone somewhere safe.
  3. Find a phone repair store by you. If you're looking in the Harvey, Louisiana area, come to Wisp! We're open 10AM - 7PM every day but Sundays. You can find our address and directions here.

Interested in our much it will cost you? Check out our cell phone repair pricing information.

Finally, don't feel too bad about cracking your phone screen. Here's some of our favorite stats on how often Americans break their phone.

  • 33% will break their phones at some point.
  • The average iPhone is damaged just 10 weeks from the date of purchase!
  • Out of 23 million Americans that have damaged their phones during some kind of sporting event, around 2.5 million of them did it in a "Fit of Passion."
  • The most common place for a phone to be broken? The bathroom.

No one wants their phone screen broken, but at least if you live on the West Bank, you can get it quickly and affordably repaired at Wisp!