The Best Laptop Repair New Orleans Has Seen

Laptop Repair New Orleans Harvey West Bank

Why is it that when your laptop suddenly stops working, your whole days gets infinitely worse? Probably because you need your laptop for school, work, research, chatting, traveling whatever it is and when it’s broken, you just seem to slow down. Well here at Wisp Electronics, we want to get you back up and running with the best laptop repair service New Orleans has ever seen!

Not only can we fix most of the major issues that are affecting your laptop, if you aren’t sure that we are the right choice for your repair needs, we still offer a free consultation for all devices. We are confident that our assessments and recommendations will at least point you in the right direction if you choose to go with one of our competitors.

At Wisp Electronics, we try our hardest to be the most efficient and trustworthy laptop repair New Orleans chooses. We understand that you need your devices to be working at top-speed so that you can be working at top speed too! We offer the following services for laptop repair clients:

Complete Virus Removal Packages

Pesky viruses making your laptop slow and messing with your OS? Our virus removal package is unmatched. We can remove all spyware, malware and viruses and then get you on your way with our newest and favorite anti-virus software.

Hardware Installation

Needing a new OS for your updated laptop? We can install and update and make sure that your files transfer as well.     

Hardware Repair

Your motherboard, charging port, mouse pad, all the components of your laptop, we can fix! These services take time to complete but quality work always takes time and we like to do it right the first time.

File Restoration

There is nothing worse than losing all your files. Computer crashes or reformatting updates got you down, don’t worry cause we can get them back!

And these are just for laptops! We offer other services for PCs, tablets and iPads and all your other electronic devices. We’re here to help you get back to work, studying, or gaming with affordable prices and trusted results.

Come on into Wisp on Manhattan Boulevard for your laptop repair needs and we’ll get you back to business in no time! Call our office at 504-309-5322 or shoot us a quick email for questions at