The Importance of Backing Up Files to External Hard Drives

Every computer contains a hard drive, which means the area of the device that stores all of data and information in the computer. Anything that you save to your computer can be corrupted by viruses, malware, phishing and other nasty features of the tech world. But you can do your part by investing in an external hard drive. You can find them at your local tech store or on sites like Amazon, but they can be the difference between a quick computer repair or rebuilding your entire computer’s hard drive.

Backing up your files to an external hard drive is one of the easiest ways to protect your data and files from corruption and accidental deletion. We’ve all been there. You have a small computer problem and one day when you go to fetch your important documents, none of them are there. And this doesn’t just happen with documents, it can happen with music, photos, movies and other kinds of important data files. The best way to avoid this kind of computer catastrophe, is to always back up your files. At the end of every hour or at the end of every day, we don’t care how, just be sure you do?

We see it a lot at Wisp. Precious baby photos lost forever, your wedding video gone, that gigantic music collection you have been building, poof! Gone forever. At Wisp on the Westbank New Orleans, we do offer file restoration services. First we perform a completely FREE diagnostics exam on your device, just to be sure that we can actually fix the issue. Once we get your files back, we upload them to DVD or as much as we can fit on the new external hard drive we know you’ll buy to avoid to this problem again, right?

Backing up files to an external hard drive is the only way to insure that what you consider important on your devices remains. In addition, should you need to leave your home or office in a hurry, you can quickly unplug your external hard drive and have the important stuff without having to unplug and transport your entire computer system. External hard drives comes in varying sizes so find the right one for your projects and get to backing up before it’s too late