Apple Repairs for When You Don't Want to Go to the Genius Bar

Apple manufactures some of the best designed and most popular products in the tech industry. However, Apple devices are more expensive than comparable products on the market. For example, the average iPad cost more than an Android tablet with comparable specs. As a result, even the most standard Apple repairs can end up putting a hefty dent in your wallet, which is especially true if your device is out of warranty.

Dealing with their "Genius Bar," could not only expensive, but a long process filled with waiting. If you need serious repairs done now for a reasonable price, our experts at Wisp can take care of nearly all Apple product problems. Just call 504-309-5322 or take your device into our store at 1901 Manhattan Blvd, Ste. F-105, and we'll see what we can do.

If you want to try to tackle the issue yourself, you can use Apple product's tools and utilities to troubleshoot and complete many common repairs, detailed below.

Software Problems

Although Apple products are considered best-in-class technology devices, they are still vulnerable to software errors, glitches and even viruses. Apple has addressed these concerns by providing customers with a plethora of tools to diagnose and repair software problems. For example, if your iOS device is constantly freezing, you can restart it by pressing the appropriate Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously for approximately 10 seconds. Restarting your iOS device is equivalent to restarting a MacBook or an iMac. The process automatically reboots the system and stops any running operations, applications and utilities.

Check your device's user manual or the Apple online support pages to find specific solutions for your device's software malfunction. In some cases, the problem may be an issue with your device's operating system. Once the problem is discovered, Apple usually provides a system update that resolves the issue affecting the operating system. 

Hardware Repairs

Unfortunately, you can physically damage an Apple device by accidentally dropping it on the floor, leaving it out in the rain or subjecting it to extreme temperatures. It is possible to replace many broken parts, such as an iPhone screen, with the right equipment and appropriate parts. However, you should not attempt to physically repair your Apple device unless you are comfortable opening its case. In addition, opening an Apple device may void its warranty.

Apple repairs don't have to be complicated or time-consuming. However, if you don't feel comfortable repairing your device, take it to a qualified repair shop that has technicians who have experience repairing Apple products. If we can't help you here at Wisp or if it'll be cheaper at the Apple Store, we're more than happy to send you on your way to them with a little more knowledge about your product!