Fix RC Cars at Wisp

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Drones might have been all the buzz during the past year, but there's no denying the classic appeal of remote control (RC) cars. Many kids are introduced to RC cars via inexpensive models from big-name stores, but there's a lot more out there for enthusiasts. High-end RC cars boast speed, power, handling and customization options that make them incredibly fun.

As with full-size vehicles, though, breakdowns can be a problem. Maybe your car won't turn on at all or has stopped responding to your remote. Maybe everything is working, but the car is running sluggishly and isn't much fun. It's time to get under the hood and see what's going on, but is it a job you should tackle yourself? 

Do You Really Need a Pro to Fix Your RC Car?

The coolest RC cars are often the most sophisticated, which means that fixing them means knowing the ins and outs of all their components. If you're a serious hobbyist with experience building remote control vehicles, you'll probably be able to troubleshoot and fix basic problems. If you don't have any build experience or aren't sure how some of your car's components work, it's best to work with a repair professional. 

At Wisp, we know all about RC cars. After all, these fun toys are electronic devices at heart. Experts who work with electronics understand how transmitters, motors and accessories come together to create a unique RC car experience. Working with an expert who knows how to repair and calibrate your car protects your investment and ensures that your fun can go on too. 

Why Have Your RC Car Fixed at Wisp?

The team here at Wisp has an amazing range of experience when it comes to working with electronics. That makes us a great choice if you need to have an RC car fixed, but it isn't the only reason we're a great choice. Our team loves educating our clients, which means that we're happy to help you understand what went wrong with your RC vehicle. 

If you'd like to come down and see how we repair and reassemble your car, we welcome you to do that too. For us, transparency and reliable service are more important than hard-and-cold profits. It can be disappointing to deal with an RC car that doesn't work, but we're here to help you get up and running without hassle. Give us a call at 504-309-5322 or you can stop by our office on Manhattan Boulevard in Harvey!