Where Do I Fix My iPhone Screen in New Orleans?

In order to repair your iPhone in New Orleans, the experts at Wisp can replace the device's screen, install a battery, evaluate the smartphone's hardware, add a new camera and replace the main button. Moreover, our business is able to install a port and repair the brackets that stabilize the device's port, and in some cases, our experts can determine factors that caused the smartphone's components to become damaged.

Installing a New Screen

In general, the cost of replacing a screen is typically between $100 and $145, yet our experts can sometimes repair the screen of an older iPhone as little as $50. When replacing the screen, we can also evaluate the earpiece's brackets, the camera's small wires and the gasket that is attached to the home button.

Fixing the Port

While repairing this component, our business will extract the screen, the connectors that are compatible with docks and the speakers. During this repair our experts will remove more than 20 screws. Subsequently, we can determine whether or not liquid damaged the port, and we will eliminate any moisture or particles of dirt that may still be affecting nearby components.

Repairing the Home Button

At Wisp, we use a spudger to remove the metal protector, and we will extract the connector that is linked to the Touch ID, which is a trademarked sensor that allows users to lock the phone. Subsequently, we will remove the metal shield and the adhesive that holds the main button in place. After the new button has been installed, we will reattach the contact clip, the battery's connector, the metal encasement and the circuit board.

Note that if the touch ID on any Apple device is damaged, the sensor will not be reparable. Because the Touch ID is married and encrypted to the CPU, nobody, not even Apple, can break into it. Only Apple repairs can replace the home button Touch ID functionality, Only the button press can be restored by repair shops like Wisp. For iPhone 6, once the Touch ID is broken, the device cannot be updated and if you attempt to update it, you'll be stuck in recovery mode forever! 

On-Site Services

Wisp's experts are able to travel to a customer's location for an extra fee, and the company can typically complete on-site repairs within two hours. Furthermore, our business may pick up a phone at any location and deliver the device to the customer's residence.

Scheduling an Appointment

In order to read reviews about Wisp's services, you should visit our Facebook. When you're ready to fix your iPhone's screen in New Orleans, you can call 504-309-5322 to set up a free evaluation!