Computer Repair in Harvey, LA

Looking for computer repair? Look no farther than Wisp! We're experts in all computers, whether the be PC, Mac, or even Linux. We have specialists with years of experience who can handle any crisis.

Viruses slowing down your computers? We'll clean them up and get your computer as fast as it was on day one.

Accidentally delete childhood photos? We'll recover everything you can for you.

Need a hardware repair? We'll order the part and install it for free.


If you're ready to get your computer fixed, take it to our store at 1901 Manhattan Blvd, Ste F-105,
or call 504-309-5322.

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Open Monday - Saturday, 10AM - 7PM.

Why choose Wisp?

You deserve world-class part quality: only supreme quality or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are used when available, and we have the knowledge to prove it. Given our expertise, we can repair efficiently enough to offer low-cost labor and six month warranties on hundreds of products, while still being a lower cost option than other repair companies.

Want to know how much we charge for a part or labor? Sure, we can itemize your costs for parts and labor. Want to see how we repair or assemble your device? Please watch. Want to suggest a product or service we should offer? Please recommend.

If you just have a question, please stop by or call 504-309-5322. We're excited to talk with you!