Scratched CDs, DVDs or video game discs? Let Wisp in Harvey, LA resurface and fix them!

You’ve played the CD, DVD or video game a million times and this time, it just stops! Stops, skips, freezes, glitches, whatever the problem – it’s definitely a hassle. Everyday use (and the occasional mishandling) can scratch or scuff a disc, leading to problems with your device reading the information on the disc.  Whether it's a movie, a music cd, a Blu-Ray, or a video game disc for the Xbox 360 or Wii, there aren't many options for disc repair available in the New Orleans and Westbank areas. Thankfully Wisp in Harvey is here to sand, buff and polish your disc back to life.

Each scratched disc can be repaired in just a few minutes while you wait. At $6 per disc, we think it is well worth the price to extend the life of your games and discs. If your disc is a regular compact disc with deep scratches, we will first sand the disc, then buff the smaller scratches and finally, polish the entire disc. For Blu-Rays and those discs without deep scratches, we use a professional grade Blu-ray polisher which utilizes a special compound for resurfacing the Blu-Ray disc. We encourage our clients to go home  and use the disc to determine if the resurfacing process has worked. If it hasn’t, we will gladly resurface the disc again, for no additional cost. If after a second resurfacing your disc is not repaired, we will refund your $6 service fee.