Wisp in Harvey, LA Suggests These Things to Consider When Buying a Used Cell Phone

Sometimes it is just not the time to buy a brand new cell phone. Maybe you’ve broken one and are waiting for your upgrade from your service provider. Or maybe that insurance deductible is just out of reach. Perhaps a fancy, new phone isn’t what you need or want. We at Wisp in Harvey, LA value purchasing used phones – in fact some of our owners only buy used phones for their personal use!

Here are some key points to consider when purchasing a used cell phone.

1. Is it working?
It is tempting to buy a phone in which the LCD or digitizer is broken with the intention of repairing it; however, unless you have knowledge in repairing cell phones or are intending on getting it professionally repaired, we recommend against buying a “fixer-upper”. Sometimes there are hidden damages lurking beneath that screen damage.  Here is a list of features to ensure are working before buying a phone:

  • Touchscreen/LCD – picture is clear, you are able to sweep your finger on all parts of the glass and the phone registers it.
  • Power button, volume buttons – all buttons are working for their intended purpose.
  • Charging port – you are able to plug in a charger and it successfully charges the phone
  • Ear Speaker and Primary Mic – you are able to hear people on a phone call and they can hear you
  • Loud Speaker – you can hear a phone call on speakerphone or audio playing through the loudspeaker

2. Is it worth the price?
There are numerous places to find the going rate of a cell phone. Check out eBay, PriceGeek or Gazelle. If you do a little research in the beginning, you’ll likely benefit from being informed. Any of us at Wisp would be glad to help you find the price point of a used phone and make suggestions.

3. Is it too outdated?
You might be tempted to hand over a small amount of money for a very old phone, but will it meet your needs? Software updates can cause problems on older models of phones. Check out your favorite apps or features to see what the minimum hardware requirements are.

As always, if you need help finding a phone or want some advice on a good price for purchasing a phone from someone, drop by Wisp in Fountain Park in Harvey on Manhattan Blvd! Or give us a call at (504) 309-5322. We’d be happy to point you in the right direction.