Get the Best Upgrade For Your Computer on the New Orleans Westbank at Wisp

Here at our store in Harvey, we often get asked: “What’s the best upgrade for my computer?” Whether you’re looking for an upgrade on your laptop, desktop, Mac, iMac, or Macbook, the answer is simple: a solid state drive, or SSD for short. Dollar for dollar, an SSD currently is the best performance upgrade for your PC.  So if you’re looking for a faster, more reliable computer experience, call Wisp in Harvey at 504-309-5322 for a free consultation.

What is a solid state drive?

A solid state drive is a storage medium for a computer. It uses flash memory, much like a thumb or flash drive. It is the component that stores long term information, such as the operating system, programs, pictures, and music. 

Why is it such a great value?

Unlike traditional hard disk drives, or HDD for short, an SSD is much more advanced. For example, the HDD uses platters and a tracking arm (think of a record player) to read and write the data on a computer. An SSD uses flash memory, so there are no moving mechanical parts. And because there are no moving parts, an SSD is much more resistant to damage such as sudden impacts and temperature. The expected working life of an SSD is over twice as long as an HDD (10 years vs 5 years). An SSD uses less energy than an HDD, so more life can be expected on a battery charge for laptops. Most importantly, a solid state drive is much, much faster than a hard disk drive. Think bike vs car. It is reasonable to expect the time to boot--- from the moment you press the power button to the time you can start using the computer--- to be cut by over half when an SSD is used.

Can my computer use this upgrade?

The good news is that yes, most computers can now use an SSD in place of an HDD.

To the good people of New Orleans area: stop waiting forever for programs to load; stop waiting for your system to boot; stop waiting for your files to copy. Contact Wisp in Harvey today for a free consultation, free diagnostics, and a free quote to upgrade your computer.