New Orleans Motherboard Repair

The motherboard is the most critical part of your computer. Like a real mother, they make sure everything is running smoothly. Motherboards control the functioning of several important components of your computer, including processors, CD drives, USB ports and the cooling fans. When the motherboard stops working, you're in big trouble. Because they are so essential to your computer, replacing one can get expensive very quickly. If possible, it's best to seek out a repair service first. Sometimes, the problem can be fixed without a replacement, which will save you a lot of stress, time and money. Luckily, Wisp offers quick and professional New Orleans motherboard repair service.

A typical motherboard for the majority of desktop and laptop computers is standardized, which means that it will have a familiar layout and the parts that have gone bad can be easily replaced by one of our professional technicians. Unfortunately, motherboard repairs are not something that can be done at home. While many of them are laid out the same, there are so many tiny components and difficult-to-reach spaces that it takes a trained expert to truly assess the damage for the quickest, most efficient repair. 

Common motherboard failures we look for:

  • Bulging capacitors or "bad caps"
  • Frayed or worn connecting cables
  • Overheating processors
  • Power supply voltage

One of the issues most commonly encountered is a bulging capacitor. These are typically easy for technicians to spot. Capacitors control the power flow of your motherboard, so if even one goes bad, it can cause a myriad of problems that lead to computer failure. Our experts have the tools and skill set necessary to identify and repair bad capacitors as quickly as possible. 

Another common issue with motherboards, especially ones that have been in use for awhile, is a short circuit. Every square inch of your computer's motherboard is covered in microscopic wires, chips and components that all require precise amounts of power to operate properly. As time passes and years of use pile up, it is not uncommon for motherboards to bow slightly and come into contact with other metallic parts of your computer, which can cause a short circuit. Similarly, it is possible for the rubber casing that protects the wiring to wear out, crack or break, exposing metal wires that could also be the culprits of a short circuit. 

Your motherboard is the most important part of your computer, and we know it can be panic-inducing when it stops working. However, motherboard failure isn't the end of the world. Visit Wisp's New Orleans motherboard repair service technicians for a quick consultation that will get your computer back to normal in no time.