New Orleans DJ Equipment Repair

Without question, New Orleans is one of the world's top party destinations -- and a great party requires a great DJ. If you are one of our city's many working DJs, you know that party venues often require entertainment on short notice. If your equipment isn't ready to go, you lose income and publicity. Wisp is proud to offer affordable and professional New Orleans DJ equipment repair services. Bring your equipment to us or call ahead for a free estimate.

Turntable Repair in New Orleans

Our Most Popular Services:

  • Belt Replacement
  • Direct Drive Motor Replacement
  • Tonearm Repair and Replacement
  • Cartridge and Stylus Replacement
  • CD Drive/Reader Repair

In a typical DJ equipment setup, the turntables contain the most mechanical parts and receive the most abuse. DJ turntables can withstand the rigors of frequent use for quite some time. However, frequent scratching, stopping and reversing will eventually cause the turntable's drive system to break down. 

One of the most common issues when it comes to DJ equipment is the CD drive repair. Inserting and ejecting CDs can be difficult if the CD drive is damaged or is having problems reading what you've inserted. 

Inconsistent playback speed is one of the most common problems that DJs experience with their turntables. When changing records, for example, you may find that your turntable needs a moment to "warm up" before playing at the correct speed. You can confirm a speed issue with your turntable's built-in strobe light or by spinning a strobe disc. If the bars on the strobe disc do not appear to remain in place, your turntable's drive system is in need of repair.

Some of the other symptoms that typically occur in a faulty turntable include noises such as clicking and humming, frequent skipping and sibilance. If you experience any of these problems, save some time with these basic troubleshooting steps:

  • Place the turntable on a level surface
  • Confirm that you have connected the turntable to ground
  • Adjust the tonearm counterweight

If you continue to experience problems with your turntable, bring it in for a free diagnosis and estimate.

Other DJ Equipment Repair:

While the turntable might be the most important component in your equipment setup, it isn't the only one prone to breaking down. Your personal setup may include several other components such as microphones, a mixer, a MIDI sequencer, a drum machine, speakers and lighting. Our technicians have dedicated themselves to mastering the art of repairing all forms of electronic equipment. Rest assured that we can fix any problem with your DJ equipment, no matter what it might be.

Wisp has long been the leading provider of electronics and tech repair in New Orleans. But we can help with so much more than computers. Wisp is your premier New Orleans DJ equipment repair shop. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor each repair to your needs and your budget. During the consultation, we'll explain the different options available for replacement parts and describe the costs associated with each. If you have an emergency and need us to push your repair job to the front of the queue, we are always willing to accelerate the repair process for a small fee.