4 Steps to Fixing a Slow Running Computer

Has your computer been running as slow as a turtle lately?

Has your computer been running as slow as a turtle lately?

A slow running computer can be quite the nuisance. Whether you're browsing the internet, gaming, or trying to finish a crucial assignment on time, you want your computer to be responsive and quick. Unfortunately, as computers accumulate files and programs over time, they become more sluggish.

These are 4 steps to fixing your slow computer. Even a novice can get started with these tips!

1. Download and run antivirus software.

Ensure that the software is reputable before you download it. Once the software is installed, update its virus definitions and run an initial, first time scan. Be sure to quarantine and remove any infected objects that it finds. You can keep your computer protected by allowing the software to run in the background while the computer is on.

2. Delete any unwanted/unused programs and files.

As a hard drive fills up, the computer will ultimately become slower. You can free up space on your hard drive by clearing out files and programs that you no longer want. Not only will this clear some of your hard drive, but it will also give your RAM (random access memory) a break.

3. Speed up boot time by configuring startup programs.

Does your computer spend several minutes loading programs in the lower right task bar after starting up? You can control which programs are loaded after the computer has been powered on by searching for "msconfig" in the Start menu. Open the program, choose the "Startup" tab, and customize your computer's list.

4. Perform a hardware audit.

If none of the above steps helped speed your computer up, your hardware is likely to blame. In many cases, upgrading just your RAM will solve many lag issues. Be sure to check various hardware such as your RAM, processor, and graphics processing unit or card. 

The key to keeping a computer up to speed is regularly updating and running your antivirus software, keeping tabs on programs and files, managing your startup processes, and keeping your hardware current. With these four tactics, you will never have to worry about a slow running computer ever again.

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