Start 2015 Off with Cracked Screen Repair!

Cracked Screen Repair in Harvey, Louisiana

When you crack your phone’s screen, it is frustrating for a number of reasons. Obviously, your screen isn’t going to be operating at top quality. This interferes with multiple processes like texting, GPS, and internet browsing. Secondly, answer phone calls as well as taking photos is more difficult because the screen has been compromised. Your phone’s intuitiveness, the thing that makes it a “smartphone” is damaged. That’s the whole reason you bought it!

Here at Wisp, we understand why you might not fix this problem immediately. After looking at some of our competitor’s pricing, we understand why you’d hesitate. Worse than that, sometimes the wait can be hours, even days, and that is if they have the part specific to your phone.

But as the new year approaches, think about how much easier your phone will be to operate and how much more you’ll be able to enjoy it if you could have a crisp screen again. You can get back to texting, tweeting, emailing and browsing in a day if you bring your phone to Wisp for your cracked screen repair. Maybe you saw that we are on the Westbank of New Orleans and thought that it was too far? We are only a quick 10 minute drive from downtown New Orleans, just right over the bridge. Not far to go for better prices, quicker repairs and quality service. We even have our prices listed on this site, so you know what you'll be paying when you arrive.

After we repair your cracked screen, ask us how you can keep it protected. We have a number of protective products for both Android and iPhone users. It isn't that we don’t want to see you again, we just want to do what we can to protect your devices!

Give us a call at 504-309-5322 or come stop by our offices on 1901 Manhattan Boulevard in Harvey. From all of us at Wisp, Happy New Year!