Rooting Androids and Jailbreaking iPhones

For more experienced tech users and electronic aficionados, rooting Android phones or jailbreaking iPhones allows you to access features of your devices that wouldn’t be normally given to the masses. If you rooting for the sake of rooting, it is something we'd advise against. These days, 99% of what normal consumers use can be done without gaining root access to your phone. But if you have a specific need in mind that rooting requires, Wisp's experts are ready to help you take the plunge.  

When you purchase a phone, what do you usually do first? Make sure your contacts have transferred, find a nice case, and then take a look around your new phone and see what capabilities it has. Eventually, though, you may get frustrated by the "bloatware" that comes pre-installed with the system. This has proved to be a particular problem with Android phones, whose carriers seem to delight in insisting that everyone in the country enjoy NFL Mobile, whether they want it installed on their phone or not. Rooting your Android device is the only way to get rid of these annoying apps completely.

iPhones are also capable of enhanced features, but Apple provides these features within such a restrictive environment. For example, you may want a customization of fonts, icons and file sharing capabilities. These advanced features aren’t offered to most, so “jailbreaking” that is breaking it out a pre-packaged standard, allows you to take your mobile experience to the next level.

Overall, rooting your Android phone or jailbreaking an iPhone can provide new, advanced features and give your mobile device the enhancement it needs to keep up with you. Please do keep in mind that rooting a phone does lead to dangers though. With great power, comes great responsibility - and you'll have to be sure you're responsible enough to not delete any necessary files, since that's a much easier possibility once you've rooted. We remind our clients that doing this procedure can cause you to lose a valuable program or feature unexpectedly if you're not careful.

For power-users, rooting is a necessary part of the cell phone purchase process, and we're excited to work with you. For typical consumers, though, we'd recommend being happy with what you've already got.

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