Battery Saving Apps for iPhone and Android

With how much we all use our mobile devices, it is no surprise that although the batteries are incredibly advanced, with our degree of usage, they can die within a few hours. That can be annoying when you are in the middle of an important phone call and away from your charger or need to use your GPS when you get lost. Here are a few battery saving apps and techniques to help keep your phone juiced.

Use a low-color Display

A bright display can drain a lot of battery quickly, especially if you are one of those people that checks your phone several times an hour. Having to keep up a bright display over and over again takes up tons of battery. See if you can find a low-color display or you can lower the auto-brightness on your phone.

Go Battery Saving App

For Android users, the Go Battery Saving App. It has a gorgeous, user-friendly design and it contains most of the battery-saving capabilities you need. Not only can you go from different modes like reading and resting, you can even make your own custom made settings like gaming or music listening. By assigning a score to your battery life and apps, you can see which are regularly  draining your battery.  The app comes in both a free version and premium so you have options and if you are really enjoying it, you can upgrade your package.

Battery Doctor

According to Apple Products, Battery Doctor is the “Must-Have Battery Management app.” Battery Doctor comes with high reviews and has a number of functions. Junk cleaning, app management, it even offers you advice to keep your phone performing well in the long-term sense. What’s the best part? Battery Doctor is a free app.

Juice Defender

When you want an app that is more aggressive with it’s battery saving capabilities, use Android compatible Juice Defender.  This app comes in three different packages to fit your mobile battery usage. Some of its most outstanding features include location settings, scheduling customization and background synchronization. Closing our background apps is what will keep your battery working for the longest and Juice Defender puts you in control.

You Have Automatic Updates Turned On

Automatic updates means that your phone is updating programs and apps everyday. This is extremely draining to the battery. Turn off that setting and make your program updates manual. Not only will this increase your battery life but you can see what programs are using the most battery, you might need even need any of these! Check out our blog about getting rid of bloatware to learn more about getting rid of those pesky programs you won’t ever use.

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