Safe Internet Habits Will Save You From Needing Cell Phone Repair

The internet is a tricky place to navigate if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. That problem becomes even more apparent on cell phones, where many users don't realize how much of their information is readily available. There are easy mistakes to make that can become big problems if you aren’t careful. Here at Wisp, we want to help all those learn the basics of the mobile and cyber world so that your smartphones and tablets stay safe and protected. Believe it or not, you may require a cell phone repair without even causing a scratch to your phone.

In essence, modern smartphones are just handheld computers and in the same sense that your computer may need repairs, you might need a cell phone repair if you aren't watchful about your activities on the internet. Here's the three biggest issues which lead to people bringing us their phones!

1. Not Having Antivirus Software

Your computer uses anti-virus software in order to protect your hard drive from malicious software (known as malware). Viruses can be easily attached to downloaded files, music files, app extensions and mobile ads. There are a number of free cell phone antivirus apps that can do a great job of protecting your phone’s information and keep it running fast. Avast is a good, free solution for most users.

2. Using Unsecure Servers

The best part about cell phones, besides the ability to reach anyone at any time or see your favorite cat pictures, is that you can use the device to surf the web and organize your life no matter where you are. The only downside with this capability is that you can become the victim of hacking if you are using unsecure servers, such as the ones at Starbucks. These unsecure systems, also known as wifi hotspots, are sometimes treated like a candy store by those with malicious intent. When you're using one for internet access, be extra careful with what you're doing, and never utilize your financial apps, or others that require data you're afraid to reveal.

3. Not carefully checking App Permissions

There are tons of apps that can run in the background of your phone even if you are sure that you closed them, and not all of these are doing good things. Not only do these programs use up tons of data and battery power, but they sometimes include weakened security as well. It takes time, but try your best to read app permissions every time you download something.

Follow all of these steps, and you'll be well on your way to having a more secure phone.