Making the Combination of Kids and Technology Work!

We find that children are interacting with technology more at younger and younger ages. It is not unusual to see a child playing games on their parent’s smartphone or for a teacher asking their students for help using multimedia tools. In today’s world, children have grown up in the age of internet and smartphones, tablets and computers So much so that by the time they reach grade school, they're more well-versed in the mechanics of technology than the alphabet. 

With this vast amount of information, especially for such a young demographic, there can be negative consequences with kids and technology. Children who are exposed to the internet early and then become regular users may not understand the vastness and potential dangers that lurk in the cyberworld. Here at Wisp, we want to help our clients get the most out of their electronics but more so, we hope that we can help their families make the best decisions when it comes to using the electronics.

Be sure to discuss the following subjects with your children when it comes to the power of technology:

Protecting Devices

Kids are clumsy, messy, rambunctious and often they don’t often see the connection between the now and later. Most of the reason that parents tell kids not to sit so close to the TV is because they don’t want it accidentally broken. There is a reason why parents often use heavy duty protective cases for their electronics. It is important to show kids that electronic devices are fragile and have to handled carefully. Not something to drop into a pothole or thrown like a football.

Surfing the Web

Kids and technology can usually be a harmonious union. But there are real dangers out there. There are people that shouldn’t be spoken to, sites that shouldn’t be visited and things to avoid. It is a parent’s responsibility to teach these lessons to their children so that they know how to use the internet or technology properly. Discuss with your children things like downloading music, how to avoid internet viruses and what information should not be put out into cyberspace.


Cyberbullying is the major drawback to kids and technology - so much so that Facebook has a team of 80 working to fight it. Talk to children about not only the importance of being respectful of others on social media, but also how to protect themselves against cyberbullies. There are other ways to make sure that your kids are behaving properly on electronics using safety features, blocking certain kinds of content and keeping the lines of communication open between parent and child.

With the right feedback, kids and technology can be a wonderful combination rather than a worrisome one.