Which Cell Phone Antivirus Software Should I Use?

What kind of antivirus software do you think I should use?

Here at Wisp on the West Bank, we get this question a lot. And if it isn’t this question, it is:

Do I really need a cell phone antivirus?

A smartphone is not just a mobile communication anymore. The previous question may have seemed silly to ask in the 1990s but today most people understand the advances that smartphones have made are astronomical. What we do everyday with smartphones was a science fiction plot device not even 10 years ago.

In today’s world, smartphones are the way that we communicate, share information, shop, date, do business, pay bills and connect with people across the globe from ourselves. Because of the innovations that cellular devices are capable of they also carry a large amount of our personal and financial information. While you may be proud of Candy Crush score, you don’t want everyone to know your banking passwords, your account information, or your emails.

That is why it is critical for clients to use cell phone antivirus software. We recommend either Avast or Avira. Both are free and both are highly rated antivirus softwares. They can protect your smartphone from hacking, corruption, phishing and spam. Did you know the place where you are most vulnerable to information being stolen is whenever you are using public wifi areas. When you use these or someone else’s “hotspots” you are giving them access to your phone and it’s contents. By having an antivirus software installed on your device, you can browse safely and securely.

You have antivirus software for your computer. You use your phone like a computer, so why wouldn’t you protect it the same way? Have more questions about antivirus software for your smartphone? Call Wisp at 504-309-5322 or stop on by our location at 1901 Manhattan Blvd, Suite F-105 in Harvey.