Welcome to Wisp

Hello everybody, my name is John, and I’m one of four owner/operators here at Wisp. I’m the guy who’ll be fixing your phones and tablets. You’ll probably be seeing a bit of my voice coming up on this blog over the coming months, with some occasional drop-ins by the other owners talking about their own experiences and expertise. For now, I’d just like to use this space as a way to say hi and introduce a grand view of what we have in store (pun intended) for you.

Our cellphone-fixing, virus-busting, tablet-reviving, skills-teaching company has now been around for about a year. Quietly, too, I might add. Even so, it’s been a whirlwind of change, experimentation and thousands of hours of research, writing, fixing, rewriting, and learning about each other, our clients, and the light-speed paced business world of consumer technology. We’ve grown from repairing out of our apartments (and yours) to now owning our own store. And at the core of it all is our adherence to adaptability and integrity. We have found that if we hold on to those two ideals, then it doesn’t matter what changes around us. We reorganize and explore new possibilities.

The next step in our journey has brought us to having a storefront in Harvey, Louisiana. Nestled in the buzzing business street on Manhattan Boulevard, we’ve now set up shop in the Fountain Park Shopping Centre to optimize our abilities to meet our clients’ needs. We’ve expanded our tools; doubled our OEM/factory original parts inventory; started to plan our education programs; sourced the most highly rated accessories and cases on the internet; and developed a client loyalty and reward programs not seen anywhere else in the area (or the region, as far as we know!). Our goal is to become a world-class resource for your technology repair and informational needs.

The bottom line: we’re ready for you.