Protecting Your Technology - Devices & Computers

How often would you say you use your computer and mobile devices? Most Americans would agree that they use all of their devices every day. Everyone from professionals to students use mobile devices and computers to communicate, do business, shop, date, make art, listen to music and share information. But if we aren’t careful to protect these important devices, we can be in for an expensive and frustrating time.

Whether you have a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, computer protection and mobile device protection is necessary. These are incredible machines with the power to do almost anything we need of them. They’re so small and yet able to do so much for our daily lives. However, they are extremely fragile, made from glass and crystallized screens, even a fall from a small drop can cause a big crack. Depending on the kind of phone used, cracks and breaks can vary. Laptop screens are often made of LED material, great for making a bright, clear screen not so great for the clumsy college student. And maybe some are okay with a cracked screen or half of a laptop display, most however, become extremely frustrated that their favorite devices are not in the best working order.

That is where Wisp can help you. Not only do we repair and fix your electronics, we offer the supplies you need to make sure that they stay in working condition for a long time. Not that we don’t want to see you again but we want to make sure that your electronics are working well for your needs. We have surge protectors to guard your electronics from dangerous electrical surges. If not, all plugged in electronics can be fried! Yikes!  We also have the covers like Otterboxes, protective screen products and phone cases that will keep your smartphone from the dreaded crack screen. We all know that mobile devices are not cheap these days, the average new iPhone or Android costing around $500-$600 but if you invest in the proper protective gear, you won’t have to make that payment again!

Be sure that you have computer protection as well as mobile device protection whenever you purchase one new or go in to have an old one replaced. Keep your devices working fast and looking great for a long time to come.